Term's & Conditions

Term's & Condition's

Terms & Conditions

To secure ‘Big Day Wedding Cars’ for your event a £75.00 non-refundable booking fee is required per car. All balance are then due 21 days prior to your event.

Should you need to cancel our services for any reason a minimum notice of 21 days prior to your event must be given either via email, postal mail or phone. If notice is less than 21 days before your event you will be liable to pay the full outstanding balance.

If you wish to change your date of hire then your booking fee will automatically be carried forward to your new date. However should your chosen vehicle(s) not be available then you will be notified of the car(s) that are available. Should you deem these cars unsuitable then the hirer may cancel their booking, however all booking fees paid will then be forfeited.

Every effort is made to ensure our vehicles are in pristine condition with regular servicing and maintenance.  However in the unlikely event that a mechanical issue/failure should occur ‘Big Day Wedding Cars’ cannot be held responsible for any delay or personal stress which may occur as a result, but will make every attempt to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.  As a result “Big Day Wedding Cars’ reserves the right to provide an alternative car to the one you have chosen should failure of the car occur. Under these circumstances ‘Big Day Wedding Cars’ are only liable for the appropriate financial difference between the cars and no additional refund or compensation will be given.

Please note that ‘Big Day Wedding Cars’ cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any  property or clothing whilst traveling in, entering or exiting our vehicles. Such loss includes but is not limited to misplacement, theft, damage or staining.  All chauffeurs will check the vehicles before departing the event but ultimately it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that they have all of their belongings.    

All hire charges are in accordance with the details submitted in your booking form. As a result your chauffeur will not conduct any trips that have not been agreed to in advance and included on your form. Any alterations made to your original booking may result in additional charges being added. Should changes to your original booking occur on the day of your event then additional charges will apply and service will only commence once payment has been made in full.

All vehicles will arrive at the collection address specified. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all parties are ready to leave at the agreed departure time. Big Day Wedding Cars accepts no responsibility for appointments being delayed or missed if departure has been hindered due to party tardiness or due to any delays or unforeseen circumstances en-rout.

Adequate access and turnaround space is required for the vehicles at all addresses attended. Should this be restricted in any way the chauffeur may stop the vehicle(s) at the closest point available regardless of distance. Likewise if any driveways or roads are unmetalled and raise any concerns over their conditions and the safety of the cars and their occupants onboard all chauffeurs are at liberty to refuse passage over them. This is left to the discretion of the chauffeur(s) driving at the time of the event and will be final. Should either situation occur then no refund or compensation will be given for any inconvenience or delay.

The hirer is primarily responsible of the conduct of all passengers during the hire period. Should any members appear under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs then then chauffeur reserves the right to refuse said individuals entry. Any offensive or abusive behaviour towards the chauffeur(s) and or the vehicle(s) will not be tolerated and may result in withdrawal of hire. Furthermore any loss or damages sustained to any part of the vehicle caused by a passenger or third party member will be invoiced for. This is the chauffeurs decision and is final. Should this occur no refunds will be given.